Our Distribution

Both our head office and main hardware warehouse are situated in Wangara in WA. Custom built to suit our requirements this premise optimizes our efficient use of energy, facilitates future expansion and ensures comfort and safety for our staff. To ensure that we are able to continually offer the best value proposition it is absolutely crucial that we continue to refine our operation, always finding more efficient methods of reaching the same end point. We have been able to achieve this in many areas and as a result have maintained overheads at sustainable levels. Technology is key to our success, with continuous improvements being consistently applied to our systems.

Our industrial office and second warehouse are in Erskine Park NSW.

Our Industrial Division has expanded phenomenally over the past three years, driven by range expansion, innovation and a hunger to “over-service” our customers. With this growth we have clearly seen the importance of being able to provide a timely delivery of orders while ensuring the maintenance of a high level of picking accuracy. With this in mind the decision was taken in early 2010 to expand our presence in the East Coast. Not only do we now possess one of the largest castor and wheel stock holdings, we are also able to consistently provide the best delivery service of any wheel and castors wholesaler in Australia.