Door Hardware


The Adoored range is one of the most comprehensive offerings of high quality door hardware products in Australia. Our range includes stylish Doorstops, Door Knockers, Kick Plates, Lever Latch Sets, and Door Reinforcers, which means there is a product for any situation.

  • Architectural Door Stops The architectural door stop range includes a number of high quality magnetic door stops, hook and latches, plungers and door weights and are ideal for those wanting to achieve a modern or designer look.  Our architectural doorstops are available in a number of stylish designs and finishes that are suitable for both commercial and domestic applications.


  • Door Stops We have an extensive range of door stops to suit every home, office or commercial need. The Adoored doorstop range includes high quality door stops in a number of models that include popular and timeless styles such as rubber door stops, door clips and cushioned door stops. All models are practical, easy to install and available in a number of colours and finishes.


  • Door Wedges This non-invasive way of holding a door open are simple to use as they require no installation and are easy to store when not in use. The Adóored door wedge collection comes in non-scratching rubber, wood, and plastic and is available in a number of colours suitable for use on doors as well as to prevent windows from slamming. We offer multi-pack options that can be purchased for use around the home and in office environments.


  • Door Handles As part of the Adoored range we have a selection of contemporary door levers along with replacement spindles. This range is concise and offers an alternative to the mainstream offerings


  • Door Accessories The Adóored brand has expanded product offering to now include a number of accessories that complement the range and meet customer and market needs. You will now be able to purchase a variety of door reinforcers, door knockers and kick plates from our range.