FASTY is a leading supplier of straps and belts for transport and trade applications. Established in 1981, Swedish company FASTY, offer a range of extremely Durable UV stabilised belts with buckles of steel and is the market leader in straps for light loads and packaging.

The Buckle: The steel buckles (much stronger than cast iron buckles or cast alloy buckles) are finished in black, environmentally friendly zinc/iron trivalent chrome. It is the best corrosion protection on the market. The Fasty Strap buckles exceed the Volvo corrosion standard.

  • The buckle opens wide and the new stronger buckle spring enhances the strength and reliability.
  • All buckles are manufactured in proprietary automatic machines to ensure maximum reliability and consistency. Each buckle is tested before fitted to the strap.

Easy and Quick Operation: Ease of use is evident in its design, with quick and easy to use products. Simply insert the strap through the buckle, pull the strap tight and insert the strap end through the buckle loop. That’s it!

Colour coded lengths: All standard straps are coloured by size. The webbing ends are cut on an angle for easy insertion and heat sealed to prevent fraying.