GEDORE is a global leader in the supply of German Engineered tools, specialising in professional premium quality hand tools. With tools that are meticulously designed GEDORE offers innovative solutions built on their German heritage that meet the demands and desires of today’s industry professionals and consumers, with tools that are able to withstand even the toughest working environments.
Tools for Life

Every aspect of “Made in Germany” is reflected in GEDORE tools, a promise backed up by tools that are guaranteed for life. As leading European premium tool manufacturer, GEDORE offers up to date solutions for the constantly growing needs of highly engineered workflows with innovative products that are based on intensive research and development. Efficient quality control and thoroughly tested materials guarantee the highest standards in the production of every tool.

GEDORE have a culture of continuous improvement and as such, have become a high-tech centre for innovative product development, individual solutions and custom-made products, especially made for the purpose of the operator and the demands of their industry.

Product Range

GEDORE provides solutions that cater to a number or specialised industries that include Industrial Tools, Automotive Tools, Aviation Tools, Wind Power Tools and Mining Tools. The GEDORE product range includes spanners, sockets and accessories, impact sockets and accessories, screwdrivers, pliers, torque tools, screwdrivers, pullers, striking tools, automotive tools and workshop equipment. Browse our range of GEDORE products below, or view/ download the full GEDORE catalogue for more specialised order enquiries.