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Only the highest quality materials go into Nupla tools. Nuplaglas handles are manufactured in the USA to precise specifications and carry a Lifetime Warranty. Each and every Nupla tool has been engineered, tested and retested for balance, strength and durability. With hundreds of handle length and grip combinations, Nupla can deliver the tools to maximize performance in any application from a precise tap to the heaviest demolition projects; giving you the tool you need.


All Nupla products are warranted against any and all defects in material or manufacturing. Nupla will repair or replace at their option, any Nupla product proved to be defective in materials or workmanship during lifetime of the product. Castings, forgings, and shovel blades are not covered under this warranty, normal wear, abuse, improper care and negligence are not covered.


  • Classic Nuplaglas® Handles
    Nuplaglas Handles have been the standard of the industry for over 60 years. It is ten times stronger than wood and three times stronger than ordinary fiberglass. Thousands of strands of fiberglass encased in a proprietary resin deliver a super-duty handle, toug
  • Ergo-Power® Handles
    Same super-duty Nuplaglas construction with a mould injected protective coating. Protects and extends the life of the handles and grips become an integral portion of the handle.
  • Nupla Striking Heads
    Nupla molded striking heads are available in various hardnesses of non-marring plastic composites. Metal heads available in forged steel or brass, and are heat treated for specific levels of hardness.
  • Nupla Grips
    SG Super Grip – Safest grip in the industry, for use in all weather conditions (with or without gloves). Available in Classic Rubber or integrated Ergo style.
    CS Circular Stripe – Comfortable standard grip and design. Available in rubber or integrated molded design; short, standard and long sizes.
    H Cush-N-Grip – Long, sleek grip available in rubber.
    SB Single Bit Grip – Provides direction accuracy for single bit axes and mauls.
    DB Double Bit Grip – For double bladed chopping tools.


  • Nuplaglas® Composite – Halligan and Pry Bar Tools designed to perform like steel while maintaining the flexibility and light weight advantages of Nuplaglas. (Patent Pending)
  • Impax® Power Drive® – Dead Blow and ‘Quick-Change’ hammers featuring Nupla’s unique Smart Hammer® Technology, which delivers the very best non-marring surface protection.
  • Integral Rebar – Patented process used in all Nupla digging tool handles providing optimum strength-to-weight ratio. Short lengths of solid fiberglass incorporated at critical stress points in the handle pultrusion process assure superior reinforcement.
  • Ergonomic Handle & Grip Designs – Digging tools designed to reduce fatigue and provide greater control of the load, with moulded handles in Ergo-Power. Striking tools made with three grip styles in Classic Nuplaglas and Ergo-Power, offer the ability to match the tool to the operator and job.
  • Power Pylon® – A rivetless shovel connection, molded to the handle end, engineered to provide an integral fusion of a Nuplaglas® handle to the shovel blade.