Precision Brand



Precision Brand is one of the leading shim and tool room product manufacturers in America. The product portfolio includes a number of key steel and shim products with over 3000 products to select from.

  • Precision Brand Shim: Precision Brand Shim is available in brass, steel and stainless steel in cold rolled sheets.
  • Precision Brand Slotted Shims: are engineered for quality and ease, with each shim marked with the thickness with such thickness accuracy that allows Precision Brand the ability to guarantee each product’s thickness tolerance. Precision Brand slotted Shims are made of 300 series stainless steel that is rust and corrosion resistant and have a convenient tab designs that allows for easier and safer placement.
  • Precision Brand Soft Shoe Shim: is ideal to use for the correction of Angular Soft Foot in machinery and engines. These shims are made from a uniquely blended elastomer which fills irregular gaps associated with angular soft foot. Sof’ Shoe® shims come in two thicknesses: blue is .020″, yellow is .045″. The blue Sof’ Shoe® will absorb up to .010″ irregularity; the yellow Sof’ Shoe will absorb up to .020″ irregularity.
  • Precision Brand Key Steel: is available in cold drawn plated steel C1018 and Stainless Steel in a number of metric and imperial sizes in both square and rectangular dimensions. Most tolerances on dimensions are oversized to assure a tight fit in keyways for positive, zero backlash in power transmission.